Yury Rets

Yury Rets

Deejay / Москва

Yury Rets

Диджей, продюсер и автор проекта "Сдвиг", тяготеющий к жесткому техно, грубым басам и мрачной музыкальной атмосфере. Yury Rets is a techno dj and producer, the author of «сдвиг» project. His sets are unique in taste and energy of musical compositions, which are carefully selected and give inexpressible hypnotic feeling energized by groove and rhythm. Yury Rets succeed in his musical career due to the deepest comprehension and sinking in the world of sounds and techno rhythms. Yury Rets gives special importance to the final effect in his sets, it's simple - performance of an artist must make people dance. dj-set of Yury Rets is professional artist's work, who loves electronic music with all his heart.


Адрес: г Москва

Музыка: darktechno / dubtechno / electronic / techno




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