Agma (a.k.a. Zomby Catz)

Agma (a.k.a. Zomby Catz)


Agma (a.k.a. Zomby Catz)

Performance, the full-fledged show Zomby Catz in a format of one project (DJ + MC) bonus Drums Show & Fashion Freak Show, behind which shoulders are more than 100 cities across all Russia and the neighboring countries, large EDM festivals and branded parties from the most top event organizations. Residents and Headliners of such large festivals as: Sochi Music Weekend, KAZANTIP Global Tour, PRE-PARTY SENSATION Record White Party, Trancemission , Record Energy, Festival HOLI, Festival IRIS, Festival of electronic music EDMvrn, frequent guest best Moscow afterparty club (Микс Afterparty, PurPur bar, Play Club) and many others. В России выступают с melodic tecno проектом с живым вокалом.


Адрес: неизвестно

Музыка: edm / live / melodictechno / seenlive / techhouse


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