Sam Binga

Sam Binga

Dj / продюсер

Sam Binga

Sam Binga is an electronic music producer from Bristol, Britain. As a DJ, he has become known for his fearless style, blending juke and jungle with classic crunk and dancehall. His dubs are in huge demand from DJs such as Friction, Machinedrum and Alix Perez, while his recent EP with Fracture and Rider Shafique (of Young Echo fame) got love from forward-thinking cross-genre selectors such as Toddla T, The Heatwave, Murlo and Breakage. Having kicked off 2015 with two instantly sold out releases – the ‘Nuh Chat EP’ on Critical, and the self-released ‘TransAtlantic EP’ with Om Unit – something even bigger and weightier is currently under construction… And without giving too much away, rest assured that it sounds like nothing else out there.


Адрес: Соединенное Королевство

Музыка: bass / bristol / drum / electronic / grime


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